A Gastronomic Paradise in Mexico

Perhaps our title seems a bit vague, because in fact, all of Mexico is a paradise for lovers of good eating. From the dishes prepared by our ancestors, with the fruits and resources offered by the land, through the European influences that left us the colonial stage, to the new proposals of fusion cuisine, which turn traditional flavors into new experiences.

But if you want to delve into what each region offers to the palate, you have to go step by step. So on this occasion we embarked on a trip north, to try some of the most interesting flavors of our country.

Baja California is a territory that contrasts two immensities, that of the sea and the desert. In the middle is the mountain range and valleys that form a fertile terrain, ideal for growing the vine. Baja California is, therefore, one of the most important wine regions of Mexico and the wine tasting is the first gastronomic attraction to enjoy.

The Guadalupe Valley is the most important area, as far as wine production is concerned. There are outstanding wineries, such as Las Nubes, Hacienda La Lomita, Monte Xanic, Adobe de Guadalupe or Quinta Monasterio. In each vineyard tours are organized so that the visitors know the fields and let themselves be conquered by their sweet aromas. Oenologists, specialists in wine production, are always happy to share their knowledge throughout the tour and at the end of it, most of the houses offer tastings and pairings. The tasting may have a cost in some cases, but we are sure that you will not leave without trying at least a good wine.


The sea is another source that nourishes the Californian gastronomy. If you like good food, you sure sound the name of Puerto Nuevo. In fact, it is the place where the famous and exquisite recipe of fried lobster originated, served with rice, beans, a special sauce and handmade wheat flour tortillas, typical of the north of the country. Near Puerto Nuevo, in Rosarito, awaits another delight; Stews with quail or deer meat. These are produced in breeding sites in the region, especially for consumption; Thus avoiding the poaching of the species in their natural habitat.

The city of Ensenada is another must-see destination to enjoy Baja California cuisine. In this place emerged one of the most innovative variants of the same, the so-called conc Med Baja. It is a fusion of ingredients of Mexican, Oriental and Mediterranean cuisines, which results in exclusive treats such as tostaditas tuna, Tiradito of beef tongue or ceviche, of which about fifteen variants are prepared.

Did your appetite open up? Baja California awaits you with all its delights, to satisfy any craving.

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