Undersea World

Last summer I went to one of the hotels in Cancun where everything is included, including boat trips and diving tours, a fabulous experience that I will talk about a bit.

Diving is an expedition to another universe, where all laws are different from those on the mainland; In fact, it is said that more is known of the moon itself than of the bottom of the ocean.


My passion for the underwater world began a couple of years ago when I read a novel by Jules Verne titled 20,000 Leagues of Under the Sea

The novel is about a man who decides to turn his back on humanity and go live at the bottom of the seas in a large submarine built by him, called “Nautilus”.

During the novel Jules Verne takes us to a trip to the bottom of the ocean, where he never was; However, it describes it perfectly.

At the end of reading this great novel, I became intensely interested in marine life and decided to learn to dive.

I started my training in a pool here in Mexico City, where I learned the basics, such as diving equipment parts, ascending and descending, as well as the correct use of the fins.

Subsequently I went to a diving school in Acapulco, where I obtained my license for this practice.

It was there in Acapulco where for the first time I saw the sea as fish, octopus and sharks.

In Acapulco, the marine flora and fauna are abundant; However, the species in the waters of the Pacific seemed to me a little timid and the waters were very dark, something that, as a beginner, got me quite nervous, since there was always the fear of seeing a gigantic beast come out of the jaws From the dark to carry me with her to the bottom of the sea.

Something that disappointed me a lot of the acapulqueñas waters was the fact that there were many skeletons of garbage, reminding to the creations of triton how ruthless the human being can become.

Two years later, having already gone several times to Acapulco to dive, I decided to go and discover the Cancún seas.

The truth is that he did not know what to expect; However, something in my being told me that I had to go to those waters.

Since I stayed at the hotel I felt I was in a real paradise, since the hotels in Cancun truly offer it all.

However I could not take advantage of many of the hotel’s benefits, since one should take many precautions before diving the next day.

Finally, at 6:00 am the next day, we arrived at a site in the open sea where we entered the depths of the Mexican Caribbean.

The waters here were very different from the dark waters of the Pacific, here the waters were of a clarity difficult to express, where from the beginning one encounters with the whole underwater kingdom, without any type of visual restriction; A true rainbow of fish and sea plants danced with the soft swing of the current.

Here I can see my first shark, who literally came from behind us, sometimes swimming very slowly and disappearing like an arrow.

That’s when I really realized how small and vulnerable we humans are.


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