Music and Culture

Music is a feature that will always exist in cultures, from the beginning are looking for ways to make music, there are no cultures that do not have music in their history. Our brain works best with music, especially internally using headphones and with sounds that help it associate ideas and individual sounds do not represent anything; But if we relate several we have created music.

Music is unique to humans, some say that birds sing and that’s the way it is; However they use it to delimit their territory and defend it from invaders. In addition, if we compare the brains of humans, birds and chimpanzees as relatives closest to us; We realize that they have no musical function.

Music breaks cultural barriers and allows us to communicate in a peculiar way with our fellows and that is why there is all kinds of music, designed for weddings, burials, parties, etc. It gives identity to many nations.

It has been proven that music stimulates the brain section that gives pleasure and has been proven based on experiments that people with brain injuries and language problems are easier to express words singing than naturally.

Let us value music as a form of culture.

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