The Levitation Magic Trick

Have you ever at any time noticed a magician make a person float from the air? Do you at any time wonder the way it was completed? Perfectly, with a few assistance, it is possible to carry out this remove black magic trick and amaze your viewers.

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For this trick to work, you may need a specific style of sofa that includes a secret compartment exactly where the individual can slide into and stay in till the trick is more than. You may ask for a volunteer from your audience or merely permit your assistant enable you to by permitting them sit inside of a reclining position after which covering them with a piece of cloth.

After some time, you command that particular person to rise and at the time she has risen to some top a couple of foot through the couch, you remove the sofa and stroll all over that person. Mysterious on the viewers, the individual doesn’t truly levitate. The magic secrets unveiled – whatever they see is simply a mesh like screen which is formed like the body from the issue rather than the topic. The individual has hidden inside the couch presently.

To help make it extra plausible, you convey to the person to increase a few toes more way higher than your head. That is designed feasible through the 4 strings of invisible thread attached to the mesh and managed by yet another man or woman who follows your guide by telling them when to lift or lower the fabric.

When the human body is lowered and leveled to your head you take out the material and astound the viewers simply because no one is there.

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